Know All



I grew up in a small town in the midwest Strong and large famlies were common place. Times were simpler and money less common. We used everything to its fullest. Taking full advantage of the fruits and vegetables that grew in our gardens and yards. Nothing was wasted. We learned the value of scrap wood and metal and utilized it to the fullest. My mom and grandma canned and cooked it all. I even remember my Dad using packing crates from his job to build cabinets and roof boards for the garage. 
I learned the value of using the materials that most discard. Taking it one step farther we are now saving the forgotten treasures of the past and turning them in to timeless pieces of art with purpose.
Let us create a special piece for you. Taking you on a journey with the past. Combing reclaimed wood with metal and enhancing the beauty of both

The highest quality craftmanship for lifetimes of pleasure and use.

Michael Gang